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Take a sea breath

Mask with Adriatic salt

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Behind the brand

Salt and checker is a young and thriving company that
gathers enthusiasts and experts who were inspired by their own challenges to create an innovative and compelling product: mask with salt particles.

“Take a sea breath” is a mask made in Croatia. It has
been developed for the past six years with the ultimate goal to bring benefits of breathing salty sea air to every user.

Face mask with the addition of Adriatic sea salt

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With sea salt to health

Salt has played a crucial role in maintaining human health throughout the history.
Since our bodies can produce neither sodium nor chloride itself, therefore it needs to be ingested through the regular diet. Sodium chloride is best in its natural form. As Pythagoras would say „Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.”
Thanks to its unique geographical position, an abundance of sun, sea and wind, the tradition of harvesting salt along the Croatian coastline has been passed on for over 4000 years, and it remained unchanged ever since.



From the depths of the Adriatic Sea

Nature has blessed the Croatian coastline with one of the most indented coastlines in the world with thousands of islands and a crystal clear blue sea making it not only a perfect place for a natural salt production but a perfect place to live.
It’s no coincidence that the very same Roman emperors favored these beautiful shores and build their seaside residences enjoying the mild Adriatic climate and curative power of salty air.



The benefits of the sea air for everyone

Take a Sea Breath mask contains the finest sized salt particles from Adriatic sea. During the salt accumulation, these fine particles remain on the surface of salt pools caressed by sea and wind. For centuries, clean salty air has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities that comes from the Mother nature. We believe that everybody should be able to breathe the same therapeutic quality of clean salty sea air. That is the idea that guided us in the process of creating and realizing the product.


How it works?

The mask contains salt that is woven between the layers in order to better preserve its benefits and to make its effect last as long as possible.

Both sides of the mask are made of the finest materials to allow for comfortable application.

The four-layer mask is designed to make inhaling and exhaling easier.


Testimonials of medical professionals

“One of the foundations of Croatian health tourism is clean air enriched with sea aerosol. Adding Adriatic salt to the Croatian protective mask is an excellent idea to benefit all users.”

Primarius Zarko Vrbica, MD, MSc

“The positive effects of salt aerosol on lung health are well known. By adding Adriatic salt to the protective mask, we increase the protection to a higher level, which can protect the respiratory system from viruses, allergens and harmful particles, but also improve the overall health of the lungs.”

Professor Fadila Pavicic, MD, PhD

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of breathing clean salty sea air.

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