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What is the material of the mask?

The mask is made of non-woven fabric commonly used by medical profesionals.

How many times can it be worn?

Each Take a sea breath mask is for a single use.

Can my child wear the mask?

Yes, children that are over the age of 3 can wear a mask. Allways make sure that you give clear usage instructions and monitor your child.

Does it come with a metal lining?


How to dispose of the mask?

They should be thrown away with trash in your home or in a litter basket if you are in public.

For how long can the mask stay on the face?

We recommend changing masks daily.

Why does it have salt grains inside the mask and not on the outside?

Having salt grains inside the mask allows optimal salt intake through the mask and avoids skin irritation.

How is salt going to stay inside?

Grains of salt are woven inside the mask.

Do you sell them in stores?

The masks can be purchased exclusively on the web shop.

Can you have allergic reaction to it?

We did not have any allergy reports, but if you have known allergies please check the product description.

Where was this product imported from?

The mask is designed, produced and shipped from Croatia.

Do they have a smell?

Our masks do not have a particular smell but they contain the salt and salty smell/feel is experienced by some of our users.

Is the mask adjustable?


Do straps tie?


What are the dimensions of the mask?

17 x 9.5 cm

How does the face mask come in package?

The masks come in two packages: single and 3 peaces packege.

Does this mask have other designs?

The masks come in three different designs.

Where are these masks made?

The masks are made in Croatia, EU.

Is the earlobe elastic? Do they put pressure on the ear?

The strap that goes around the ears has elasticity and does not put pressure on the ears.

Will the mask fit to any size of the face?

The mask fits to majority face sizes.

What is the difference between this mask and regular mask?

Our masks contain grains of salt within the fabric.

Are these FDA and CE certified?

They are CE certified.

Where is the salt from?

Take a sea breath masks use pure Croatian sea salt.

Is it handmade?

No. The masks are machine made in Croatia, EU.

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